Formula 1 Hyperhelmet

with active DRS

7 week project built using Solidworks CAD

F1 Helmet VISCOM Wk 5 web_Page_3.jpg

What is active DRS?

(Drag Reduction System)

Active DRS is a feature in Formula 1 Racing that remotely opens & closes the rear wing of the vehicle in select "high speed" locations on the track. When a car is within one second of the car that it is chasing the rear wing will automatically open. This will increase the top speed of the chasing vehicle for a better chance of passing the vehicle in-front.


Rear Wing "Closed" DRS Off

Increases Downforce = Better Cornering

Rear Wing "Open" DRS On

Decreases Downforce = Top Speed

DRS Applied to Hyperhelmet Design

Cascading Wind Diffuser

When DRS is activated on the vehicle, a cascading diffuser is activated on the Hyperhelmet. This allows the airflow to streamline over the drivers head into the overhead air intake. Decreasing the air turbulence behind the drivers head which creates drag and slows down the vehicle.

F4 Helmet Render.18.png
F4 Helmet Render.19.png
F4 Helmet Render.20.png

Neck brace attachment points

Diffuser "Open" 

DRS On = Top Speed

Diffuser "Closed" 

DRS Off = Better Cornering

F4 Helmet Render.15.png
F4 Helmet Render.21.png

Air Turbulence

Air Streamlined

Small air intake for driver ventilation

Air funnels allow directed air through the helmet to reduce lateral g-force & stabilize driver's head through corners

F4 Helmet Render.16.png

Current F1 Helmet

F1 Helmet VISCOM Wk 5 web_Page_1.jpg

Retractable visor with the press of a button (In Animation Above)